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Makes a Great Gift for anyone who love piano!

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Piano and Music Gifts are Tricky...
A Gift for Those 
Who Love the Piano!
Finding the perfect Gift for someone who loves to play piano is tricky...

How do you know what music books they already have? 

If you don't play piano, how do you know that the music is even at the right ability level for them?

Our team was looking for something awesome to share with our piano fans and we weren't happy with the options available. 

So... we thought, why not create something that we'd want to wear?

We did that and then sent a few quick messages out to our fans and were overwhelmed with the response to our design. 

We hope this will be something that can be used as a gift for anyone who plays music!
  • Super Soft Sueded Cotton: This is not the ultra cheap t-shirt you are used to buying on Facebook. We've paid for the quality Sueded shirt style.
  • Fit and Style: Our team tried on several shirts for both women and men and this Unisex style that we decided on was our favorite.
  • Cool Artwork: We started with a quote, "Play from the Heart" and it evolved into "Play With Heart". We think all piano players would be excited about this.

Upgrade Your Order to Include the Piano Book Bag

During Checkout, you can add the piano book bag to your order. It makes a great gift for anyone taking piano lessons!

Regular Price is $18.95 but since you've already covered shipping with a T-Shirt order, you can add this to your order for only $11.95!

If you'd like to order more than one of the piano book bags, please email 

These make great gifts for Piano Students!


What type of t-shirt will this be?

The shirt is printed on a super soft sueded brushed cotton-poly blend. This fabric is soft enough to cuddle up with like a baby blanket at night. It is a 60/40 cotton poly blend in a Unisex T-shirt. We tested a bunch of different shirts out, including mens and women's models and everyone voted that they liked the way the Unisex version fit the best. Our team all wanted several after trying these on. It's one we will be excited to wear. If you're skeptical about whether we are printing this on the cheapest shirt we can find, we're not. It actually ended up being one of the more expensive shirts we could pick from, but we're doing this because we wanted to have something awesome to wear for our piano people. 

Are these Women's Sizes? Men's? 

We have several models that are available. Because we know that over 80% of the orders will be for women and kids, we are trying to make sure the shirts are made to fit women. The adult t-shirt is a unisex size. We tested both the women's cut and unisex and the ladies who provided input on what fit best all selected the Unisex fit. For the kids t-shirts they will fit like a normal kids shirt. For the long sleeve shirt, it is a standard unisex adult size as well. 

Do You Offer Discounts if I Order Multiple Shirts or Piano Music Bags as Gifts for My Piano Students?

If you are wanting to order more than 10 shirts or piano bags, please send an email to and we'd be more than happy to help you with a custom order. We're happy to talk to you about a bulk order discount. 

When will the shirts be shipped?

We are taking pre-orders now and we plan to submit orders by Nov 10th. We expect about a 10-14 day turnaround which would mean that we will be able to start shipping around Thanksgiving from our warehouse. 

Who is Jason Tonioli New Age Piano?

Jason has been writing and recording piano music for the past two decades. If you attend a Christian church that has a piano, the chances are pretty good you have heard some of his piano hymn arrangements.

Is this a Legit Site? Why doesn't this look like the normal website?

This is a special promotion we are running as part of It is separate from the website because we've learned that keeping the order process simple, (similar to this page) without a lot of distractions results in an easier shopping experience. If for some reason you have any trouble at checkout, for example if the credit card doesn't work, please email us and let us know. Our team and shipping team watch the orders closely and do an amazing job at following up on questions quickly. We care about giving people a great experience when the work with and/or order from us. 

Who should I Contact if I have a problem with my order?

Once we ship your order, you will receive a tracking number via email. If you have any questions about your order, please send an email to This is Jason's official email for any support issues and sometimes he will even be the one that is sending you a message or calling you on the phone. Our team is very high touch, US based and we enjoy talking to and helping our customers. 
                  Please send an email to and we'll be in touch right away. Please include your phone 
                  number if you would like us to call you. We can do orders over the phone.
                   We offer FLAT RATE SHIPPING FOR USA AND International orders. Orders will be shipped via the USPS and 
  • Refunds
                    Because this is a limited time print run and we'll be ordering the shirts based on the orders we receive, we will 
                    not be able to offer refunds on any purchase that is made unless for some reason your shirt does not arrive. 
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