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Easier Piano Hymn Arrangements 

Fixing the Problem I saw with 
beginner piano hymn books...

***For pianists (and parents who want their kids) to be able to play from a hymn book***

This book was created because I felt there were so 
few "good" options for my own kids to learn basic hymns.

This book is spiral bound and includes 16 songs and 40 pages 
of early intermediate friendly music.

It was created for anyone who is just starting to be able to 
play easier hymns from a hymn book. 

My hope is that it will allow the piano student to progress 
and be successful at the piano but most important of all... 
enjoy the music they play!

No weird notes or chords that make you wonder if there was a mistake...

No Crazy Keys! 
(Never more than 1 sharp or 1 Flat. Key of C, G and F Only!)

No crazy stretches of the hand. This is made for people with smaller hands!

Reasonable page turns! 
(We've looked at every page and intentionally made the page turns friendly.)

If there is an extra high or low note... or tricky fingering... we've written it in for you

I've included various simple finger patterns to help
learn to improvise and progress to more advanced music.

We want this book to be your friend so you aren't scared to play for others!

We hope it will give you the confidence to play your music for others... 
to share a musical number in a church service...
or just enjoy the spirit good music can bring.

All songs are 100+ year old Christian Public Domain hymns...
We searched out our favorite classic melodies from all denominations.

Each song was arranged to sound harder than they actually are to play.

Each of the songs can be performed for worship services 
and streamed for online worship services.

We included side notes at the top of each song with background about the composer, a story about the music, or when it was written. Our hope is that you'll be able to connect with the music.

Songs in the book include:

Scroll down on this page to see PDF samples from the book...
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  • ​Abide With Me
  • ​Amazing Grace
  • ​Fairest Lord Jesus
  • ​Did You Think to Pray
  • ​Simple Gifts
  • ​Goin' Home
  • ​All Creatures of Our God and King
  • ​It is Well With My Soul
  • ​For the Beauty of the Earth
  • ​Love at Home
  • ​There is a Green Hill Far Away
  • ​I Need Thee Every Hour
  • ​Abide With Me Tis Eventide
  • ​Be Still My Soul
  • ​Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Click here for a free sample song of Come Thou Fount

Want to hear the songs in the book played on the piano? Watch this video.

Would you like to hear each of the songs in the book played? 
Click this video to watch Jason play through each of the songs in the book at his home piano. 
"Jason, you don't realize how big of a need there is for this level of music! 
This is great for kids, but you will be shocked at how many adults will LOVE this book of easier hymns. This is exactly what we've needed as piano teachers for years!"

Bonnie Slaughter - Piano Teacher

"Thank you—I appreciate your willingness and encouragement to make your arrangements our own. I enjoy playing them easily as written, but usually add to the harmony parts --within what you’ve written— when I perform. 

 Having your arrangements simpler also allows your music to be played by more pianists. I’ve introduced your songs to several pianists of varying skill levels, and they all enjoy your music."

Suzie M.
Roseville, CA

"One year when I was at a piano teacher conference, I had 7 teachers tell me the same thing in one day at different times. They told me that they used my music to introduce their students who were starting to play from a hymn book to harder arrangements and as a stepping stone to Jon Schmidt's (The Piano Guys) music that their kids were all asking to play. 

I didn't realize that when I had done the arrangements to make it easy for me to play a musical number without tons of practice, that it would be something that would benefit so many people."

Jason Tonioli

You might be wanting to see a sample... Here's 3 from the book:

Check out a few of the songs included in the book...

If you'd like a full sample song of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" from the book, click here.
Amazing Grace (Simplified Version Included in this Book)
Fairest Lord Jesus (Simplified Version Included in the Book)

Wondering What Level the Music is?

Here are a few samples to check out. 
Most are in the Key of C with a few in F and G (One Sharp or Flat). 

A few more comments from people who have enjoyed the music.

"Several years ago while I was on vacation out in Utah (I live in Oklahoma City, OK), my niece introduced me to your arrangement of Come Thou Fount. It was so beautiful! 

I came home and bought all your books of hymn arrangements. I love your arrangements so much that I play them for musical numbers in church, preludes, baptisms, etc. 

Anytime and anywhere I am playing hymn arrangements. I always get so many compliments and comments about your songs."

Kathryn W
Oklahoma City, OK

Here's a few more of the songs included in the 
Easier Piano Hymns book...

Each song in the book has been simplified to be played as an easier piano solo.
The arrangements featured in these videos are from Jason's more advanced books but the videos will give you an idea of the style of music. 

Be Still My Soul (Included in Sacred Hymns III)
Featuring CaraNua (Former Members of Celtic Woman)
All Creatures of Our God and King (Included in Sacred Hymns III)
Featuring Lynn Hilary of CaraNua & Riverdance

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Thank you for allowing us to share our music with you!

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