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Check Out THIS New Book of Piano Hymns! 

10 New Arrangements of Classic Public Domain Hymns
"This Book includes several of my favorite classic hymns that I found while exploring the favorites from multiple Christian denominations. This was one of my favorite projects and challenges I've had as I've worked on hymn arrangements over the years."
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"I have loved sitting down to play them. 
Yes it is Christmas time in July!!!"

See What Others Are Saying About Jason's Music
"I LOVE Them!"
"I just got all three books (Sacred Hymns, Special Places and Christmas Lullaby) and I LOVE them! They are at a great intermediate level for me, and the arrangement style is absolutely divine 🎶"
Margaret G 
"More Compliments"
"My son played your songs on the piano at the Huntsman cancer institute, where he went every Tuesday for his cancer treatments. He said he received more compliments than any of the pianists because he played comforting music like yours. Thank you for your music."
Joan F 
"The Peace I Needed!"
"Your Hymn book arrived the very day that I had been having some very difficult struggles with my teenage son. I was very sad and heartbroken and really feeling a need for comfort. As I played through each song, I felt peace and comfort and a feeling that things would be okay. Thank you!"
Janel P 

What's included in this new Book?

10 Brand New Hymn Arrangements of some of the most popular Christian Hymns, arranged for Piano.

"This Has Several of the Most Requested Hymns from the Past 3 Years - This will become One of your Favorites!"

 What Songs are Included?

 When I Started This Project...

It had been several years since I'd spent time arranging or trying to write any new hymns. I'd released my fourth book of Piano Hymns and thought I had spent most of my time working on original songs for several recording projects.

I continued to get email requests often for different hymns and I always felt like I'd find time for it later but it kept pushing back due to all of the busy things we have in life.

Around the new year, I started exploring several new hymns that I wasn't familiar with but I had tons of half finished songs that weren't anywhere near ready to release. When the Corona Virus shut everything down, I realized that people needed peace and comfort more than any other time and that's when I forced myself to start writing things down and finishing hymns. 

Once I'd made the decision to finish this project it was really neat to see how things came together, how I'd find stories and inspiration for some of the songs and how there was a bigger hand in helping these arrangements happen. 

I say this about all of my books, but I LOVE playing through all of these songs. I really hope that it is something that people will enjoy and be able to share with others to bring a Spirit of Peace and Comfort in these crazy times we are living in.

"Samples from the New Book!"

Take a Look at the Samples Below
"It is Well With My Soul!"
"This was the most requested Hymn from the past 5 months. It's story and melody are one of my top 3 favorites from the book." 
Jason Tonioli
I Stand All Amazed
"I've always felt like this sacrament hymn needed a better Piano Solo and I finally feel like I found it." 
Jason Tonioli
When I Survey 
the Wondrous Cross
"This song appeared in many of the top 10 Hymns of All Time Lists that I researched. I couldn't find any piano solos of it that I loved so I decided to try and do one to share with others." 
Jason Tonioli

How Hard is This Music?

Piano Teachers consistently give Jason feedback that they use his music as a stepping stone to move from Intermediate to Early Advanced. The music is written to be able to be sight read by most church musicians.  
It sounds much harder than it is to play.

So If You're Looking for New Piano Hymns 
That Sound Harder than they are to Play...

This Book Is For You!

Get Your Brand New Book of 

Piano Hymns V

I'd like to rush you a copy of my brand new 
spiral bound piano book to your doorstep, ASAP.
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